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Bret Malley

Photography with epic editing



Bret Malley is an educator, speaker, professional photographer, author of Adobe Master Class; Advanced Compositing in Adobe Photoshop CC, and all around Photoshop magician specializing in surreal, epic, and imaginative image creation. His work and articles have been featured internationally in magazines and publications such as Photoshop User magazine, Advanced Photoshop magazine, Photoshop Creative magazine, and Photography is Art magazine among others. He is a full-time college professor as well as online educator through KelbyOne, CreativeLive, Craftsy, and PixelU. He regularly presents at regional and international events such as Photoshop World, society for Photographic Education, Photoshop Virtual Summit, and various photography organizations around the world. When not presenting or exploring the creative depths of Photoshop, Bret enjoys adventuring in and around the Pacific Northwest where he lives with his wife, son, two cats, one dog (that thinks it's a cat), and a rabbit named Freckles.

Guest Speaker and Presenter

For commercial work or guest speaker inquires (or other educational opportunities), please contact Bret directly. He is available for scheduling either in person or for video engagements.

Products and Classes


Don't miss out on other educational goodies such as Bret’s online class through KelbyOne, Craftsy and his tutorial based book on Photoshop compositing–

KelbyOne Online Classes

Bret's KelbyOne classes range from compositing realistic shadows (soft shadows, hard light shadows—and even shadows cast on more organic and uneven ground) to fantastical family portraits filled with magic, levitation, and fun special effects. As a KelbyOne instructor, Bret dives deep into new onging topics and classes, so definitely check back at his KelbyOne instructor page for the latest releases!

BOOK: Adobe Master Masterclass; Advanced Compositing in Photoshop

In Bret Malley’s world, a father is suspended in the air among his baby’s collection of toys . . . a big-box store and parking lot can be transformed into a scene of reclaimed nature . . . and an ordinary person can sculpt fire with his bare hands. And in Adobe Master Class: Advanced Compositing in Photoshop, Bret shares the techniques he uses to elevate an image from the everyday to the extraordinary, showing you how to make seemingly impossible scenarios come to life.

  • Features an engaging, writing style that makes learning advanced Photoshop techniques fun
  • Provides detailed, step-by-step examples, walking through complex compositing projects from start to finish
  • Includes “Visual Masters” spreads that highlight beautiful and innovative work by current digital artists to inspire you to bring what’s in your imagination–the wildly impossible–to reality
  • Includes access to downloadable resource files so you can work through the projects along with the author
  • For more information on the book, take a look on the publishers website

Craftsy Online Class: Compositing in Photoshop from Start to Finish

Start compositing in Photoshop and watch your wildest image ideas come to life alongside digital artist Bret Malley. Begin by learning how to use the Quick Selection, Magic Wand and Refine Edge tools for accurate, clear composites. Then, gain complete creative control over your images by working with masks and adjustment layers as you clip your curves, color and saturation edits. Move on to uniting your images with cohesive global adjustments such as dodging, burning and vignettes. Once you can edit composite images, get Bret's tips for setting up a photo shoot that will make compositing so much simpler. Finally, learn how to combine your new skills by working on a fun, surreal composite project.

  • 6 Streaming HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • Class materials, including a gear list, prop-building guide and practice images
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers to student questions from instructor Bret Malley
  • Closed captioning available (web only


Have questions for Bret? Contact him directly:

Tel: +1 (209) 484-4801

Corvallis Oregon
United States

bretmalley AT